Зина Шестак

Помогите выбрать правильный вариант! Сомневаюсь.

1. Look! That man over there (wears/is wearing) the same sweater as you.
2. I wonder why Jim (is/is being) so nice to me today. He isn't usually like that.
3. Jane had a book open in front of her but she (didn't read/wasn't reading) it4. .
4. Mary wasn't happy in her new job at first but she (begins/is begining) to enjoy it now.
5. After leaving school, Tim (found/has found) it very difficult to get a job.
6. This is a nice restaurant, isn't it? Is this the first time (you are/you've been) here?
7. 'Ann has gone out.' 'Oh, has she? What time (did she go/has she gone)'?
8. You look tired.' 'Yes, (I've played/I've been playing) basketball.'
9.Where (are you coming/do you come) from? Are you American?
10. I'd like to see Tina again. It's a long time (since I saw her/that I didn't see her).


2. Is being
10. Since I saw her

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