Борис Пустоветов

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In our life is many different freedoms. And everybody decides for himself to enjoy their freedom or not.
In my opinion, I get too much freedom. And It's good. If people has many freedom, they can manage thier life. For example, they has right to choos the career interesting for them. Also we have freeom of speech thereby we can express themselves and find supporters. Freedom is realy good. Man must constantly be thinking what to do and what you should not do, and therefore his brain works and flies.
On the other hand, there are people who think that to have a lot of freedom is bad. If a person has a lot of freedom, he may abuse it. People abuse their freedom of speech and clog up the internet with garbage. Also, some do not know how to enjoy their freedom and harming themselves and others. For example, the young people who are undisciplined will misunderstand how to use freedom properly which leads to cases of youngsters smoking, taking drugs, committing crime, suicide and even promiscuity. All these will cast a big effect in the society which results in immorality.
I disagree with this point of view, because only you own mistakes can teach you to how to live.
Still, each person must be responsible for their lives and make decisions.

Сергей Вансович

Для начала-правильные слова thEIr,FreeDom, choosE.
In our life is many different freedom. Может по другому сказать. We have many different freedom in our life. Кажется просто будто предложение с конца началось... могу и ошибаться.
....freedoms. And everybody....Может перед and не ставить точку, а продолжать предложение? и в следующем также?
...they haVe right....
....people haVe....
....each you to how...Зачем to?...
В общем только это мне сразу бросилось в глаза. Я могу в чём-то ошибаться и чего-то не заметить...

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