Анастасия Короткова
Анастасия Короткова

Turn from active into passive. Omit the agent where it can be omitted.

2. His parents have brought him up to be polite.
3. Alexander Bain invited the fax machine

4. A famous designer wil redecorate the hotel.

5. They will advertise the product on TV.

6. The gardener has planted some trees.

For example: 1 Someone has broken the crystal vase- The crystal vase has been broken(omitted)

Дмитрий Ласс

2. He has been brought to be polite by his parents.
3. The fax machine was invented (у вас опечатка: invite - приглашать, invent - изобретать) by Alexander Bain.

4. The hotel will be decorated by famous designer.

5. The product will be advertised on TV by them.

6. Some trees have been planted by the gardener.

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