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There are many different sorts of banks. Each country in the world has a slightly different banking system. This is how banking started in England. Goldsmiths began to accept gold and silver from merchants who wanted to keep their money safe. The merchants would be given a receipt, a piece of paper showing that the gold or silver had been left, or "deposited", with the goldsmith. The merchants then began to use these pieces of paper to buy and sell goods instead of using gold and silver, which were heavy and could easily be stolen. This was the beginning of bank notes in England.
The goldsmiths soon found that they could make money not only by charging a fee for keeping the gold and silver safe but also by lending some of it at a rate of interest. They knew that people who had left gold and silver with them would not all want it back at the same time, so they needed only to keep a small amount of it back. The rest they could lend out with interest. Borrowing money, keeping it safe, and lending it out are possibly the most important functions of most banks today.
In 1694, the Bank of England was founded by a group of people who offered to borrow money from the public and lend it to the British government, which at the time needed money to finance a war against France. Other banks were founded in the 18th and 19th centuries, both in England and throughout the rest of the world. The Bank of England became the central bank for the United Kingdom.

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