Музыка в звездных войнах. музыка играет в самом конце 6 эпизода, перед титрами. Кто знает, как называеться\кто поет?

1-01 20th Century Fox Fanfare
2-01 Parade Of The Ewoks
2-02 Luke And Leia
2-03 Brother And Sister & Father And
2-04 Emperor\'s Throne Room
2-05 The Battle Of Endor I (Into The
2-06 The Lightsaber & The Ewok Battl
2-07 The Battle Of Endor II (Leia Is
2-08 The Battle Of Endor III (Supers
2-09 Leia\'s News & Light Of The Forc
2-10 Victory Celebration [1986] & En
2-11 Ewok Feast & Part Of The Tribe
1-15 Alternate Bonus Track_ Sail Bar
1-14 Source Music_ Jedi Rocks
1-13 Source Music_ Jabba\'s Baroque R
1-02 Main Title_Approaching The Deat
1-03 The Droids Are Captured
1-04 Bounty For A Wookiee
1-05 Han Solo Returns
1-06 Luke Confronts Jabba_Den Of The
1-07 The Pit Of Carkoon_Sail Barge A
1-08 The Emperor Arrives_The Death O
1-09 Alliance Assembly
1-10 Shuttle Tydirium Approaches End
1-11 Speeder Bike Chase_Land Of The
1-12 The Levitation_Threepio\'s Bedti
2-12 The Forest Battle [Concert Suit
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