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Paraphrase the following sentences, using a complex object after the verbs given in brackets.

1. Was anybody standing near the door when you came home? (notice). 2. The baby was making the first steps (watch). 3. Somebody opened the door (hear). 4. He lit a cigarette (see). 5. As I came up to the house it was very dark. Suddenly somebody took me by the hand (feel). 6. He made a mistake (not notice). 7. The boys were throwing stones into the river (watch). 8. He was explaining something to the students (hear). 9. He ran and caught a passing bus (see). 10. Somebody pushed me in the back (feel).

Олеся Баринова

When did you come home? did you notice that anybody was standing the door
2 who was making the first steps?
3i heard a strange voice. somebody opened the door
4 i saw that the cigarette was liited by him
5when i came to the house it was dark i felt that somebody took me by the hand
6he did not notice that he made a mistake
7 the man was watching the boys wich were throwing stones into the river
8 the students were hearing him because he was explaning to them
9 he saw a passing bus and caught it
10i felt that somebody pushed me in the back

Паштет Пчела

when you came home did you notice anybody standing near the door.
I saw the baby making the first steps
I heard somebody opening the door.
She saw him light a cigarette.
I felt somebody take me by the hand.
I didn't notice him making a mistake.
They watch the boys throwing stones into the river
i heard him explaining smth to the students
She saw him run and catch a passing bus
I felt somebody push me in the back

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