покидайте тречков мне! разбавьте мой плейлист, а то уж "приелся"=) по возможности сразу на страницу прослушки.

Drowning pool - Tear away, Bodies, Sinner
Skillet - Awake and alive, Comatose, Hero, Rebirthing
Within temptation - Angels, Memories, Howling, Forven, frozen, Swan song, Say my name, Stand my ground
Muse Surival, Hysteria, Micro cuts, Space dementia, Assasin, Muscle museum, Showbiz
Linkin park - Lost in the echo, Burn it down, In the end, Faint, Points of authority
NIN - Wretched, Closer
Two steps from hell - Heart of courage, Protectors of the Earth, Moving mountains, Black blades, archangel, Dragon rider, Merchant prince, 1000 ships from underworld.