Помогите найти репертуар одной группы...

Попросили найти 4 альбома группы Pornosect:
1. Recreation And Relaxation;
2. ..Of Vibrations, Resonances And Divine Things;
3. The Noose And The Spear;
4. The Essential Question...
Помогите плиз найти ну уж если не все, то хотя бы несколько альбомов. Буду очень признателен.

Recreation And Relaxation
A1. Disinformation
A2. Surfacing
A3. Mask Of Truth
B1. Primal Release
B2. Pressure Level
B3. Masse
B4. Bass / Resonance

...Of Vibrations, Resonances and Divine Things
2.White Boy
4.The Medium Is The Edit
5.The Lie Becomes Truth
8.Year Zero
9.Fresh Fields
11.Combat Zone

The Noose And The Spear
1.Invocation Of Power
a. 1st Movement
b. 2nd Movement
c. 3rd Movement
d. 4th Movement
e. 5th Movement
2.New Dawn (V3.1 Final Edit)
3.The Sorrow And The Pleasure
4.The Ritual Of Protection
5.The Face Of Terror
6.Media Response

The Essential Question...
A1. White Man (Dub)
A2. State Surveillance
A3. (Disinformation) The Lie Becomes TRUTH
B1. Are You Prepared?
B2. For Your Entertainment
B3. Year Zero
B4. The Concept Of Democracy

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