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Was it handball (twice) or the goal of the tournament so far?

First, it gave a deserved victory for Braxico, arguably the team of the tournament so far.
Secondly, the disgraceful way the Borboland substitute got Kaeikora sent off near the end saw all sympathy for the Africans instantly evaporate. And finally, what man of the match Habiato did with the ball when he was not touching it with the top of his arm on his way to goal was absolutely fantastic.
The fun began with Habiato winning the ball in the air on the edge of the area, although it may have accidentally touched cleverly over another defender. He appeared to control it as much with his arm as his chest, but the referee played on and he scored! It would be giving the benefit of the doubt to say he was trying to play fairly and just got lucky.
So maybe Habiato was dishonest. However, Peolore’s behavior by contrast was terrible, and if there is any justice will not play again for causing Kaeikora’s dismissal for a second yellow card for doing, well, nothing.
The game had become scrappy and fell to the ground. He did so, however, holding his hands to his face as if struck off the ball. Players from both sides protested to the referee. However the Braxicans were right to protest and not Borboland.
FIFA’s foolish rules will not allow the decision to be overturned, so he will miss the next game. This may not be the best Braxican team ever, but they are still a team who have faced a tough test and succeeded, qualifing from the “Group of death” with ease.

с чем помочь? проверить правильно ли написан текст? куча ошибок. выполнить за тебя задание? сегодня никто не работает бесплатно...

Куча ошибок как грамотических так и орфографических!!!