Помогите "раскрыть скобки"

Совсем я глупая в английском, помогите, знающие люди, пожалуйста!

р. I (to have) a chance to visit this exhibition.
b. I (to hope) you (to find) it interesting.
p. it (to be) wonderful I (to impress) by the size and scope of the exhibition. It (to be) one of the largest exhibitions I ever (to visit).
b. yes over 350 companies (to take) part in it.
p. mr Black I just (to see) your pavilion. The Model K2 machine-tool (to attract) my attention. I must say your country (to make) much progress in the field of machine-tool industry.
b. it (to be) a pleasure to hear that.


hope, will find
is, am impressed, is, I've ever visited
I've just seen, attracted, made

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