Алексей Жуков

Нужно раскрыть скобки

1. If I had this tool, I (give)
it to you.

2. If he worked more slowly, he
(not make) so many mistakes.

3. I could give you his address
if I (know) it.

4. He might get fat if he
(stop) smoking.

5. If he knew you were away, he
(not come).

6. I (keep) a gardener if I
could afford it.

7. What would you do if the lift
(get) stuck between two floors?

8. He (not go) there if his
family were not invited.

9. The car wouldn't break so
often if you (have) it serviced regularly.

1. If I (know) her better, I
(introduce) you.

2. The journey takes about 3
hours by bus. You (get) there much sooner if you (go) by train

3. If I (have) money with me
then, I (can lend) you some.

4. He couldn't find a job when he
came to Germany.
If he (like) children, he (work) at school

5. The teacher told Peter that he (not pass) the exam if he (not work)


1. would give
2. would not make
3. knew
4. stopped
5. would not come
6. would keep
7. got)
8. would not go
9. had
1. knew, would introduce
2. will get, go
3. had had money on me then, could have lent
4. liked, could work)
5. would not pass, did not work

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