Ильнара Насырова

Нужно раскрыть скобки

Нужно раскрыть скобки

1. I don't think I will see him tonight.
2. Sit down and fasten your seat belts. We (take off) in a few minutes.
3. They (have) English from 9 to 10 in this room. Don't let anyone disturb them then.
4. Now he (be) such a strange man that I (not to know) what to speak to him about.
5. Do you think you still (work) here in five years' time?
6. And, smiling to himself, he (begin) to make plans, fantastic plans for the future. He still (smile) when he (walk) upstairs.
7. They still (discuss) the problem at 11 o'clock.
8. I (wait) for you at the theatre at 7 o'clock.
9. I (work) as a doctor next year.
10 Mike (lift) his eyes from the book and (look) out of the window. It still
11 They (have) a party on Sunday as usual.
12 I (smile) and (walk) over Peter. He (talk) to the director and they both (turn)
as I (come) up.
13. Your brother (go) abroad with us next Sunday?
14. I (not to go) to the dance-bar tomorrow. I (watch) TV the whole evening.
15. It’s beginning to get dark; the street lights (go) on in a few minutes.
16. She (not to dance) with me if I (not bring) her a red rose.
17. When I (get) home, my dog (sit) at the door waiting for me. 5. They (sleep) when you (come).
18.1 (apply) for a visit visa and (want) to make two journeys to your country while the visa (be) valid.
19. They (listen) to the news on the radio when the telephone (ring).
20. I (look) for a nice pair of gloves.
21. When you (learn) German?
22. It (be) her uncle, but she (not to recognize) him because he (wear) dark glasses.
23. When I (come) home yesterday, I (see) that all my family (sit) round the table.
24. A father and a son (travel) home in a car. It (snow) and a strong wind (blow).
25. Who you waiting for?

Zarina Kobulova

я с анг полохо

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