Задали написать сочинение по английскому как я провела лето.. . Помогиииите, пожаааалуйста.. . очень надо, за ранее спасибо

My summer was very exciting. For the first time I understood what it is to be a prostitute. When looking for a summer job, because my parents are unemployed hard drinkers, I came across a guy who offered me what seemed to be a lucrative affair. When I listened to his demands, first I shuddered from those disgusting things, but then my desire to help the family took over.

This is what I was doing. The money I've earned was enough to buy us more booze and to pay for my trip to Germany, where I easily got a similar job with a higher salary.

Besides that, I loitered all throughout all the summer, because I didn't fucking care about the upcoming classes. Now I know how I can make money without this fucking school.

Oh, yes, I forgot to say that my name is Masha and I'm from Moscow.

I spent the last summer very good.

Прошлое лето я провела в деревне вместе со своей семьёй. Моя бабушка была рада гостям. Она добрая трудолюбивая и весёлая. Погода была хорошая. Мы гуляли в лесу и купались в реке. В лесу было много грибов и ягод, пели птицы и летали бабочки. На прощанье бабушка подарила мне большую банку цветочного мёда. Я уже начиная скучать о ней.

Last summer I spend in village together with the family. My grandmother was glad a guests.She is kindly hardworking and cheerful. The weather was good. We walked in the forest and swimming in the river. In the forest there were many mushrooms and berries, the birds are singing and butterflies are flied. At parting the grandmother presented to me a big pot of a flower honey. I already starting to miss about her.Next summer I will go to the village again and I will spend time with my grandmother.

Удачи! Виталий, Роман 🙂
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