Алёна Кузнецова

Английский. проверьте пожалуйста ошибки. Текст небольшой

проверьте, пожалуйста. ОЧЕНЬ СРОЧНО
Hi there!

This is message for you. I am sorry,i have not written,because i am preparing for entrance exams to the university. How has you summer been?
Last summer my mom and i went to the Black sea. I think,that it is a nice place to visit.My mom and i spent time well,because we could swim,sunbathe,also visit many places of interest. As well as we had a good time, because the weather is fine. I would like to repeat it.
And what have you been up to? I am kind of interested about youself. That is all now.

Get in touch soon.
With love,Yana.


ошибок нет

Елена Мирзоева

How has you summer been? - How did you spend summer vacation?
also visit many places of interest - we also has visited many interested places
As well as we had a good time, because the weather is fine. - weather was fine so we has a good time


вроде всё норм

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