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Ex. 1. a) Supply the correct articles or possessive pronouns where necessary.
1. Last summer I went on... holiday to the Crimea.
2. Where is your friend? I haven't seen him for a long time.
— He is on... holiday now.
3. I enjoyed... holiday which I spent on the Volga.
4. When would you like to have... holiday this year?
— In August.

On... 21st of September Mr White came to... Ministry of Foreign
Trade to have... talks with Smirnov of... Russ-export. Before...
talks they spoke about... Smirnov’s holiday.

White: I haven't seen you for... long time, Mr Smirnov.
Smirnov: Oh, I've just come back from Sochi.
White: From Sochi?
Smirnov: Yes, it's ...nice resort on ...coast of ...Black Sea. My
family and I went there on... holiday.
White: Did you enjoy... holiday?
Smirnov: Yes, very. We sunbathed and swam a lot in ...Black Sea.
Our children spent a lot of time on... beach.
White: What was... weather like there?
Smirnov: … weather was fine, it was hot and dry outside all
time. In ...Caucasus ...weather is usually fine in
summer and it's always... pleasure to swim in... warm sea.
White: Did you get there by... car?
Smirnov: No, we went there by ...train. I think it was ...good
idea because we saw a lot.

b) Say what you have learned about:
1. Smirnov’s holiday;
2. Sochi.

Ex. 2. Supply the correct tenses.

Jack Smith (to be) on holiday now. He (to stay) at home for his
holiday, but he (to do) a lot of interesting things. A few minutes ago
he (to meet) John Stanton who (to be) on holiday too and now they
(to speak) about their holidays.

John: How you (to enjoy) your holiday, Jack?
Jack: I (to have a good time), John.
I (to stay) at home. I (to have got) a car and it (to be) a pleasure
to go to different places.
John: Where you (to go) yesterday?
Jack: I (to meet) Hellen Black and (to go) to Marlow.
It (to be) a nice place on the River Thames.
You ever (to be) there?
John: Oh, yes. I (to spend) my holiday there last year.
I (to know) the place very well. You (to have lunch) at the old
hotel near the river?
Jack: No, we (to have lunch) in the open air near the river.
John: What time you (to get) home?
Jack: We (not to come) back till 11 o'clock in the evening.
John: You (tobe) tired,...you?
Jack: Yes, a little bit.

b) Say what you have learned about:
1. Jack’s holiday;
2. Marlow;
3. John's holiday.

Ex. 3. a) Supply the correct prepositions where necessary.

Andreev spent his last holiday in the country. He went ...the country ...his family. They went ...Pushkino, a nice place Moscow. They went there ...train. The train started ...8 ...the morning and... half... 8 the family got... there.
... the holiday the weather was nice. They swam ...the river and sunbathed ...the beach a lot. The family was ...the open air all days. They enjoyed their holiday... Pushkino very much.
But the Andreev’s don't always spend their holidays... Moscow. Sometimes they go ...holiday ...the Crimea or ...the Caucasus. It's always a pleasure to stay... a month... the seaside.

b) Say what you have learned from the text about the Andreev’s holiday:
l. in Pushkino;
2. at the seaside.

Ex. 4. Choose and use.

a) because, that's why

l. I didn't go to the cinema the day before yesterday ...I was
very busy.
2. Last night I watched a very interesting detective film on television... I didn't write a letter to my friend.
3. The talks were very difficult... I'm a bit tired.
4. I often spend my holiday on the coast of the Black Sea ...the
weather is hot and dry there in summer.
5. I like the actor who plays the part of Hamlet... I'd like to go and
see the film again.
6. I don't recommend you to see this film ...it's not so interesting
as the novel.

b) to like, would like
1. I... (to go) out at weekends.
2. We... (to watch) a new film on television tonight.
3. My friend... (to listen to) stereo records in the evenings.
4. Jack... (to see) musicals.
5. I... (to stay)

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