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помогите пожалуйста написать письмо по английскому языку

you have received a letter from your english-speaking pen friend betty who writes .

All my friends prefer to wear jeans and t-shirts.The don`t like to wear suits,shirts or ties. As fro me, i like formal style butl ofroid my friends wont undestand me.

What about you? what kind of clothes do you friends and you prefer? are you satisfied with you style?What clothes would you like to buy?

Write her a letter and answer her 3 questions .Write 100-120 words.Remember the rules of letter writing


Hello, Betty.
How are you recently?
It’s is so sad that your friends won’t understand you if you’re dressed up formally. I like both – formal and casual styles, and I think that people should wear appropriate cloth according to the place and event.
If you go to the school or any kind of official meeting, the suit, pants, jacket and tie would be a perfect choice of outfit.
As for going out with your friends, jeans and T-shirt are perfect. You won’t look different from anybody else and you will feel comfortable, doesn’t matter whether you are just walking around a block or go to the shopping mall. By the way, when I’m going shopping with my friends I won’t refuse to buy another T-shirt or two.
So, answering your question - yes, I like my style and I’m proud of my ability to choose the outfit according to certain place and event.
Please write me more about your friends and about what you like to do when you are going out together.


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