Макс Рухманов
Макс Рухманов

Помогите, пожалуйста, написать письмо на английском языке

you are going on a hiking tour in the Carpathians. You need to buy some equipment advertised in the Internet shop. Write a letter of at least 100 words asking for information. Use the plan below:
Para 1:greeting;the purpose of your writing(and mention where you saw the ad).
Para 2:give information about equipment you need;how many items you would like to buy.
Para 3:ask the most important details you are interested in.
Para 4:ask what kind of payment is available;closing remarks;your signature.

Жанна Блохина

И близко не эксперт по горному туризму, поэтому, скорее всего, написал злой бред, но что-то в таком духе

Dear Sir/Madame
My name is Nastia Glinchenko. I am going to make a hiking tour in the Carpathians for two weeks in winter. I have seen yours shop ad in "Aviso".
I need the following items:
1. ski suit 2 items.
2. backpack 2 items (volume at least 50 liters)
3. ski glasses 2 items
4. primus 2 items
5. alcohol 5 liters
6 Carpathians military large-scale maps 2 items
7. Compass 2 items
8. GPS 2 items
9. primus fuel

I would like to ask you to send me approximate cost for this equipment and inform me what kind of payment is available in your shop.
With best regards, Nastia Glinchenko

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