Помогите задать вопросы на английском про спорт для 11 класса

вопросы на англиском будут так будущее время will, настоящие do, прошедщее did, will i love? Полюблю ли я? Do i love? Люблю ли я? Did i love? Любил ли я?

Do sport and physical training make people strong and healthy?
Why is it necessary to go in for sport?
Do you know which sports were invented in Britain? (football, golf, cricket).
Where was golf invented?
Which sports are typical for all countries? (football, hockey,basketball)
Do you know which sports are typical or national in Britain, Russian and the USA?
Does sport help people to keep fit?
When were the last Olympic games? (2000)
Where were they held? (Sydney)
What sport do you enjoy most?
What kind of sports do you go in for?
Do you take part in any sport competitions?
What sport do you like to play professionally?
Do you agree that football is one of the most popular types of sport all over the world?
Are you a football fan?
Would you like to play football (tennis)?
Do you know the history of football?
What is your favourite team?
Is it important to keep fit? How do people can do it?
What is the home of Australia’s government and embassies from around the world?
When was the new Parliament House opened?
Who designed Canberra?
When were the first Olympic games held?
Where were the first Olympic games held?
How often were the first Olympic games held?
In whose honor were the Games held?
How many events were in the very earliest Olympiad?
When were the Olympic Games in Sydney?

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