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A: Do you know that almost everyone uses computers?
B:Really? I had never thought about it!
A:Its true. Computers are used to help business check the credit of customers and electronically transfer money. In cars, they are used to control the flow of fuel to the engine and in homes they can even turn lights off and on at certain times.
B: That's amazing! It seems that computers really do help everyone!
A: Yeah, even our teachers keep track of our grades more efficiently with computers.

Ольга Козлова
Ольга Козлова

B: That's too bad. I don't want to be in a computer.
A: But it doesn't hurt!

Евгения Никонова

B: Actually, we are living in the XXI cetury, so it's no wonder that computers are used by everyone everywhere. Don't know it? Have you lived in Himalayas? What you are telling is just a commonplace!
A; I know. But it's just a task from the textbook - to complete the dialog.
B: I see 😕

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