Помогите перевести правильно IDIOMS(ИДИОМЫ) , пожалуйста!!! 🙂

break the mould
blind someone with science
move with the times
be sb’s guinea pig
once in a blue moon
turn the clock back
come down to earth
reinvent the wheel
it doesn’t take a rocket scientist
stand the test of time
Be over the hill
Be given a clean bill of health
Be black and blue
Be fit as a fiddle
Have butterflies in one’s stomach
Kick up one’s heels
Scare the life out of someone
Be of sound mind and body
Have nerves of steel
Keep a stiff upper lip

Be the teacher’s pet
Mind one’s p’s and q’s
Learn sth by heart
Be as easy as one, two, three
Be one of the old school
Know sth like the back of one’s hand
Pass with flying colours
Make the grade
A rock’s throw
Put brain and soul
Get one’s toe in the door of sth
Rely on one’s own two feet
Put out all the stops
To pick one’s mind
As a matter of fact
Teach Nick a subject – to pull all one’s chickens in one basket
To be just the job
To hand in one’s notice
To give smb the sack
To break even
Shift work
Shop floor
Economic recession

break the mould - сказать новое слово; сделать все по-другому; сломать шаблон
blind someone with science - сбивать с толку, используя специальную терминологию
move with the times - идти в ногу со временем
be sb’s guinea pig - быть подопытным кроликом
once in a blue moon - почти никогда, редко
turn the clock back - повернуть время вспять
come down to earth - спуститься с неба на землю

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