(АНГЛИЙСКИЙ) 10 предложений про то как я провел лето

Summer - my favorite time of year. Nature blooms, delighting the eye variety of bright colors. Keep up with berry and lures, lures its fragrance into the woods, in the fields, in the garden. Park full of greenery, vast meadows are covered with multicolored blanket of grass. In the sky, like a white liners, floating clouds. Our fun gurgling rivulet, inviting refreshment on a hot day. Summer gives us the opportunity to travel, to discover the unknown, to meet new people.

In June of this year, my girlfriend and I were vacationing in the children's summer camp. 25 days, we reserved flights, flew by. Great guys, great leaders and a full program did the trick: our stay was just "super"! Mentors offered daily orders contests, games and competitions. April Fool's Day, "Merry Starts", "Dream World", "Water World", "A Visit to the forest" - each time in the morning we found out the line will be dedicated to the coming day and happy to accept the rules.

Doing the job, obtained in the next contest, with overcoming difficulties, the boys became friends.

Imperceptibly flown rest days in the camp. It is time to leave. We did not want to leave. But everything comes to an end, and we headed for home.

Back home, I did not forget his new friends. We often call back with each other, exchange letters, sharing news and look forward to meeting.

Often recalling our friendly squad leaders, the days spent in the camp, I think: "Summer is a great time of year! Especially when you spend it with good friends."