Переведите плиз на грамотный русский, Только не через перевочик

Dear buyer,

Thank you for your inquiry.
Sorry our product troubles you so much. Maybe there is something wrong with it. Since the postage of international air mail is beyond the price of the item itself, we will refund you without asking for the item returning.

Could you please inform us the items' number and quantity ?

Also is this your paypal email for refund : mail ? We will issue it to this PAYPAL account as soon as we receive your reply.

BTW,As the new policy from ebay,they will take more higher final value fee than before.Do you agree us to cancel the order after refund?If ok,we'll send an Email of order cancellation from EBay for confirmation after refund.And hope you can accept the cancellation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know so we may further assist you.

Customer Service Team

We apologize again!

yours sincerely,

- proestore

а чем вам переводчики не нравятся смысел вполне понятен