если кто то может найти ошибку в английских предложениях, то пожалуйста помогите..

Their wages is raised.
The employees was fired.
There is anything I want to stow to you.
It is reduced yesterday.
She were given a radio.
We shall go more early.
I have not seen it somewhere.
It is usualy out of order.
He bought it most cheap.
We have waited for fourty days.
Where have you bought this socks.
It is getting foggy.
They need eight pair of socks.
The wind blown for hours.

their wages are raised
the employees are fired
there is something i want to show you
it was reduced yesterday
she was given a radio
we shall go earlier
i have not seen it anywhere
it is out of order usually
he bought more cheap
we have been waited for forty days
where have you bought those socks
there is getting foggy
they need eight pair socks
the wind blows for hours