Страдательный залог. АНГЛИЙСКИЙ ЯЗЫК.

Совсем недавно начал изучать английский в вузе, до этого учил немецкий. Не могу разобраться Знатоки английского, помогите, пожалуйста!

2.The British Parliament consists of two chambers known as the House of
Commons and the House of Lords (the Upper House). Members of the House of
Commons called Members of Parliament, or MPs, are elected by the voters of 650
constituencies. Members of the House of Lords (peers) are not elected. About 70 % of
them are "hereditary peers", the other 30 % are "life peers", whose titles are not passed
on to their children. They are appointed by the Queen, on the advice of the government,
for various services of the nation. The House of Commons piays the major role in
lawmaking. New bills are introduced and debated here. If the majority of the members
are in favour of a bill it goes to the House of Lords where it is debated and finally to the
monarch who signs it. Only then it becomes law.

4.The party which obtains the majority of seats in the House of Commons forms the
Government and its leader usually becomes Prime Minister. The second largest party
becomes the official opposition with its leader and 'Shadow cabinet' which criticizes
the bills introduced by the Government. The Prime Minister, or the leader of the
Government, is advised by a Cabinet of about twenty other ministers who are in charge
of major government departments or ministries. The most important part of a Prime
Minister's job is Cabinet-making. The Prime Minister has considerable individual
power to introduce and control polices and to change the Cabinet by appointing new
ministers. Departments and ministries are run by civil servants, the latter being
permanent officials. Even if the Government changes after an election, the same civil
servants are employed.

Нужно найти предложения с глаголами в страдательном залоге и переделать их в действительный. Заранее благодарю.


страдательные: are elected, are not elected, are appointed, are introduced, debated, introduced, is advised, are run, are employed
Страдательный - это когда над объектом совершают действие. Например: Members of the House of
Commons called Members of Parliament, or MPs, are elected by the voters....Т. е. представители парламента выбраны кем-то.. . А действительное - это когда они сами делают это действие. . т. е. выбирают.. . Можно переделать: the voters of 650 constituencies elect Members of the House of Commons called Members of Parliament, or MPs
Остально по аналогии... .

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