Алексей Шерстюк

Нужна помощь!! Дз! не знаю как перевести.

Алексей Плитюхин

1. Please distribute the albums and pencils to everyone
2. We rejected the idea of winning this match
3. In fairy tales many kings gift their kingdoms
4. Give me back my stamps collection please
5. Never refuse any hope, OK?
6. We've looked through these magazines and want to give them back
7. Here's the money for all the group. Distribute them please

Валя Исаева

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Евгения Дровняшина

'to give away' means to give something for free, for no payment.
In this issue of the magazine, they are giving away a free CD
I gave away all my old clothes that were too small for me.
'to give back' means to return something borrowed.
I still have your book at home. I must remember to give you it back.
Every time he borrows money from me, he never gives it back.

'to give in' means to stop making an effort.
You're doing really well. Don't give in now. Keep going.
He has refused again and again. He's not going to give in and change his mind.

'to give out' means to distribute.
As people arrive, can you give out these questionnaires for them to fill in.
He was giving out leaflets on the street.

'to give out' means to break down or stop working from tiredness or overuse
It was a very old machine. It's not surprising it has given out.
My car finally gave out last week. I will have to buy a new one.

'to give up' means to stop doing something permanently.
I haven't had a cigarette for over a month. I have given up smoking.
I have given up playing football. I'm too old for it.

'to give up' means to abandon or end, a search for example.
The key is nowhere to be found. We have given up looking for it.
I've given up waiting for him. He is not going to come so I'm going home.

Ариф Алимшоев
Ариф Алимшоев

Hand round to everybody albums and pencils, please.We gave up the idea to win this match.there are Many kings give one's kingdoms in tales. Give me back my collection of stamps, please. Never give up hope, agreed? We looked through these magazines and want to give back them. Here money is for the whole group. hand round one's, please

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