Скажите, правильный ли у меня перевод?

The history begins with how to Sherlock Holmes and his friend Watson the unknown to them Ms. Morston came. She told about the father who was gone 10 years ago and that it for six years is sent by very expensive and rare pearls.
There is more to come, Ms. Morston told, the strangest consists that sent yesterday me very strange note in which it is written that with me arrived unfairly and that I should come to the appointed place with the two friends.
I don't know that to me to do, Ms. Morston told, and I have no friends and which acquaintances I well know.
Don't worry, Sherlock Holmes told, examining a note, I and my friend Watson we will go with you, if it not against.
Certainly I with you will go, without reflecting Watson told.
Then tomorrow for an hour to a meeting we meet here, and together we go to an aforementioned place, only I ask not to be late.
Next day Sherlock, Ms. Morston and Watson met in Holmes's office.
They discussed details and went to the designated place. There was to many people and they yet didn't see the person making to them an appointment. But in a few minutes there was the strange small person dressed in a black raincoat with a hood on the head. He asked it you Ms. Morston?
Yes, she answered.
And it as I understand your two friends.
Yes, repeated Ms. Morston.
Then follow me.
We followed the strange person in a raincoat and sat down in cab. We went within several hours in the unknown to us the direction. At last we approached to whose that to a mansion.

перевод дословный с русского. ужас. оценка 2. ни один англичанин этого бы не понял.
по теме. неправильно абсолютно всё. учителя английского уволить.

Да, перевод канечно просто катастрофа...

Не проще найти английский вариант в инете?

в переводчике проверь. слишком большой текст долго переводить

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