I forgot the Russian language, what to do?

You don't need it. The English is always enough.

Stupid schoolboy trying to show off?Did you really think anybody would trust you?It must be really tough to forgert one language without knowing any other' how will you communicate now??'Cause the shit you're speaking is definitely not English!!

Nice joke 😕
Try to remember, where did you forget it!?

Just relax and start learning it again.

Are you kidding?You cant!!!!ты не можешь забыть!

you need to learn chines....

Попробуйте этот курс

Русский забыл, английский нормально не выучил (надо было сказать have forgotten). Беда.

relax you don't need it, they got russian so fucked and soon it all will be like english - like sound