Надежда Завгороднева

Проверьте текс на правильность

We will stand and fight for our dreams
We will not fall on our knees
Because this is only the beginning
Our life is starting right now

We have come a long way
We've got together
together we have a good time
We are writing songs
we became friends
we are united by one goal
to reach music and lyrics in the heart of everyone
we all have one dream
and it brings us together
and nothing will stop us
we are the ones who are not easy to break

I want to thank God
I want to thank friends
I want to thank the family
for all the support
for all that you gave me
for the faith in what I can
Dreams Come True
You have to go to achieve it
And never give up
And if you live without purpose
you don't live,you just exist

Андрей Дзюба

Чувак, я прям прослезилась
Классно написано

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