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помогите пожалуйста ; должны быть размещены в правильном порядке

Use the prompts given and make up sentences using the Analytical Subjunctive.

1. Monica/doubt/her parents/marry / again
2. it is natural? you/ask/he/your relatives
3. Jack/wish/nobody/ask/he/questions/family
4.it is advisable/young married couples/live separately
5. it is a wonder /they /quarrel
6.the inspector /request / our neighbous/not leave / town
7.Bob / be anxious/ him mother/learn about /him marks
8. is annoyin /it/rain/again
9.I /wish/my son / become/engineer
10. it was a pity / you /not attend/important seminar/last week
11.it is surprising / old people / have/ such ideas
12.they / be anxious/ we / tell them/ the result of the meeting

авильном порядке

Павел Терехов

1. Monica doubts if her parents will marry again
2. Is it natural for you to ask him about your relatives?
3. Jack wishes nobody asked him questions about his family
4. It is advisable for young married couples to live separately from their patents
5. It is a wonder they do not quarrel
6. The inspector requested if our neighbous had left the town
7. Bob was anxious that his mother would learn about his marks
8. It is annoying that it is raining again
9. I wish my son became engineer
10. It is a pity you didn't attend an important seminar last week
11. It is surprising that old people have such ideas
12. They are anxious that we tell them the result of the meeting

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