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Помогите узнать фильм по английскому описанию

It's an adaptation of a literary work. Although the title is the name of a person, he isn't the real main character of this masterpiece in my opinion and in those of others.

It may help to know that the title character is killed soon.

There are many adaptations of this work. In a Hollywood movie a role is played by a internationally famous movie star among others known actors, but I don't like it as the movie seems pro-monarchist. The anti-tyrant role here is portrayed by an actor who is also known for a role in a Kubrick's movie.

Among the previous video clips there is an American actor who has played this real leading role in another on screen adaptation. Another very famous movie star is here as well, he played even the same role in a different drama, as well as twice for this work, according to IMDb.

These movies have the same English title. Movie = Book title. The book title is used as reference for the multi-language answers. Book English long title (rarely used) is accepted too.

Может быть это фильм Спартак? Американская версия снята в 1960 году режиссёром Стэнли Кубриком по одноимённому роману Говарда Фаста.