Яна Гатауллина
Яна Гатауллина

Проверьте пожалуйста английский...

Проверьте на правильность
1) My name is Tanya
2) I'm 21 years old
3) I'm out of town Moskov
4) I study English at school.
5) I graduated from nigh school in 2004
6) Вопрос; Is your family large? Jndtn; No 7) Вопрос; Do you have any sisters or brothers? Ответ; yes. a brother 8)Вопрос; What do you like doing? Ответ; Something interesting.
Так же проверьте плиз здесь на правильность.
Fill in the blanks with the proper form of the verb "to be"
a) am, b) are, c) is d) was, e) were, f) will be
1) I am a student of the Technical University.
2) There are 7 institutes and 2 Faculties at the University
3) There are 25 students in my group.
4) There is a large library at the University.
5) There was 10 students at the lecture on Maths yesterday.
Fill in the blanks with the proper form of verb "to have"
a) have, b) has, c) had, d) will,
1) I have a large family.
2). My mother has 2 brothers, so I have 2 uncles.
3) My cousin Frank is married and has 2 sons.
9) Last year my cousin Ann got married and soon she had a child.
10) I hope, I have more nephews or nieces
write down sentences with the correct word order.
Проверить на правильность расстановки слов
1)What those are men doing
2) there is abook and two pens on the table.
3) I very much like Asimov's novels
4) I saw news theon television yesterday.
5) Why didn't you me tell the truth.

Choose the right form of the verb
a) do b) does c) is d) are e) will
1) do you speak English?
2) Listen, she is not speaking french, she is speaking english
3) will you going to spend your vacation abroad?
4) I does glad to meet you
5) Peter's father is not a doctor
6) it is not cold now, only - 5 C.

Write down as many guestions to the following sentences as you can;
1) I usually get up at 7 a. m. ?
2) Late last night i poshol sleep?
3) Phone says Mr. Evans?
4) Было предложение He is busy. Я написала просто Busy
5) Last year my elder brother entered the Technical University?

The is a mistake in each the following sentences. Correct and rewrite them.
1) Why are you study English
2) I have never seen such a good film
3) you were 16 last year
4) He speaks 3 foreingn languages, is not it?
5) I think, this is your dictionary.
И еще помогите выполнить вот эти три предложения
Choose the right form of the verb
a) do b) does c) is d) are e) will
1) ...you like reading
2) He likes detective
3)Peter's father...not a doctor

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