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The history of cocktail.
The first legend is the most romantic. This legend belongs to 1770. In those far times at the owner of the bar located near to New York, was gone the favourite cock .The owner declared that the one who will find loss, will marry his daughter. After some time one army officer brought to the owner of a bar his cock who by that moment managed to lose the tail. The owner can only declare to all visitors of a bar the forthcoming wedding. His daughter working in an institution of the father, for excitement began to mix different drinks which began to call cock tail — a tail of a cock.
The second legend says that in the XV century in France in the Province of Charente has already mixed wines and alcohol drinks, calling coquetelle mix.
The true ascension on a glory Olympus cocktails began in the twenties last century in America when they became favourite, but illegal alcoholic drink of hundreds thousands fans of the alcohol resisting cruel and relentless to "the dry law".
The most popular cocktails of the world.
It is possible to assume that the first cocktails were prepared on the basis of the gin which had at that time strong sweetish smack which needed to be hidden in a mix with other drinks. And the first recipes of the cocktails which have remained up to nowadays, belong to the second half of the XIX century, for example, Martini, Daiquiri and Manhattan. Cocktails received the real development in the 1920-1930th years when many classical cocktails which have today big success in world bars were thought up. In those days in Paris there were Bloody Mary and Side Car, in Italy — Americano and Negroni. Cocktails called American Drinks as them prepared for Americans who looked for abroad the feelings forbidden in their country. During time of «the dry law» in the United States it is also hidden mixed different drinks, trying to hide a taste of alcohol. Today the fashion of cocktails comes back with new force that promoted by emergence of the new liqueurs, unusual aromas and exotic fruits, and also the special atmosphere peculiar to uneasy times and mixed drinks.

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