помогите иссправить ошибки (сочинение англ. яз.)

здравствуйте, помогите поиз исправить ошибки в сочинении
спасибо. .
My favourite season is summer. My holidays began and it’s not necessary to wake up early and go to school. In august of this year I went in St. Petersburg.
St. Petersburg - a wonderful city!
There are a lot of various monuments and museums. I especially remember the Peterhof. It is divided into upper garden and lower garden park. The garden has several ponds and sculptures, and bolshos park - lots of fountains. These fountains I dream so far.
We also visited the Peter and Paul fortress - one of the main attractions of the city and on the cruiser "Aurora".
Even at night in St. Petersburg not boring. Drawbridges, perhaps the most memorable scene in the city.
Hermitage - a museum covering the history and culture of the world. This is probably the most famous museum in St. Petersburg.
Then we with father walked through the revolving door of the city, went on board ..
That ended my trip to Saint Petersburg.
On the way back we stopped in Moscow. There we watched the Kremlin. We also visited the Tretyakov Gallery - a collection of Russian art. Still wanted to see ENEA, but now there is something like a flea market.
I spent my summer well and I was full of impressions.

а ты уверен что там есть ошибки?? ?