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“We were giving a concert in Dublin on the twenty thousandth stadium. Our program included songs from the new album - «Rock’N’Roll», «Black Dog», «Going To California» and “Stairway to Heaven”. The last one we decided to play at the end of the concert. We rehearsed a lot of concert stuff with Jones and had a good teamwork. So I entered, Jones picked up and suddenly obviously lost the rhythm. I was surprised – it had never happened to him. Imagine my surprise when Robert forgot to enter and missed the first line. What the hell was going on? I looked (furiously) towards Plant and saw that he had dropped his microphone and looked into the concert hall. Behind me was Bonham and with the edge of my eye I saw that he got up behind the drums and also was staring intently ahead. Then I drew my attention to the audience … Awesome! Almost the whole concert hall was lightened up with self-made lights – with lighters, newspapers, matches … I was stunned – this exultancy of sound I’d never met in my life. At that moment I realized that LED ZEPPELIN created the hit which had given us eternity!”

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