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There was a
perfect, sunny day at the festival, and it felt like nothing could go wrong. My
sister and I arrived in New Orleans on the eve of Mardi Gras. this carnival
like a Russian holiday - the Maslinica. Because, in this festival also see off
the winter and meet spring.

Only at
Mardi Gras happens magnificent colorful parade, with beautiful platforms, and
actors dressed in beautiful costumes. But Mardi Gras guests dressed in carnival
costumes. I and my sister have bought mask. She bought horrible clown mask. I
picked a beautiful mask with feathers.

On Mardi
Gras has its own traditions! On Mardi Gras, on the highest platform sitting
king queen parade. They are selected before the holiday. And one of the main
tasks, draw their attention to you! There is another tradition....With the
crowd of guests, throw beads. Everyone is wearing purple, green, and gold, and
adorned with long beads caught from the beautiful platform. During Mardi Gras,
nearly all businesses and roads are closed.

And then
came the evening! Music could be heard throughout the city. In the French
Quarter festival began! We came earlier this got up at the best places, and
with bated breath waited for the beginning!

finally! Huge platform with music and dancing people in colorful costumes rode
forward. One was like a pirate ship! Another platform was like a Greek god
Dionysus ...It was memorable ...

Suddenly, a
huge beads thrown right into my sister! At this time, she takes off her mask.
Because it was very hot. And beads struck her right in head!

We came out
of the crowd. At my sister heavily head spinning from the blow, and the beads
were really heavy and I had to hold my
sister hotel where we stayed.

Because of
the sisters, I could not come back. Ah ...I dreamed of seeing Mardi Gras
parade! And he saw only the beginning! I was very upset! big.

Никита Климов

Все верно молодец

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